• Tracking Your Business

    When you track many parts of your
    business, The weekly calculation takes you where you are, to where you need to

     Tracking your business

     How many calls you need to make, to set your appointments?

     How many appointments do you need weekly to reach your goal?

    How many appointments did you closed?

    What is your closing Ratio?

  • We Work With All Industries

    All Sales & Service Industries need to know what is making money and what doesn't!

  • Custom Planners

    We build customized Tracking planners for all businesses & industries

    What are your needs?

    What is your company or sales team needs?

    Do you need to track performance?

    How do you get Customers?

Questions & Answers

Sales Managers

 Q. Do you have to chase down your Sales Reps on their sales and activities? This is time consuming and unnecessary!

A. Our Daily Sales Tracking Planners are set up with a system
for tracking weekly activities, this creates a simple report to fill out
and to copy our weekly calculated report that has been created to show detailed information on all weekly activities.

Q. Do you feel like you teach your Sales Reps over and over how to calculate and
understand their Performance Numbers?

A. Our Daily Sales Tracking Planner, is built to save you time and hassle by easily and Conveniently walking your sales team through calculating and
tracking their own performance numbers at the end of every week

It includes all the Mathematical formulas that is need to plug in weekly activities and numbers.

*With increased understanding of sales numbers your sales force will finally be able to take full responsibility of their sales activities and sales objectives

*We have built the Road Map to Increasing sales performance, Time Management, and Building Positive Sales Habits.

Get Set Go Sell is set up for: Sales Tracking, Objective, and Sales Goal Tracking, Follow up Tracking, Referral Tracking, Average Sale Tracking, Cold Call Tracking, Pipeline Tracking, Closing Ratio Tracking and Sales Plan Creation for any busy Salesperson!


Sales Trainers

Q. Are you looking to add some simplicity to your Sales Training Program? Would you like your New Hires to hit the field running, with a full understanding of their Sales Requirements and Sales Goals?

A.  New Hires learn to calculate their objectives, their performance numbers, and their activities. and have a weekly report to turn in, as well know where they are to their goals.

 Q. Does most of your Sales Training program focus on selling, closing and products with no time left over for objectives, performance numbers? 

A. When you Integrate Daily Sales Tracking Planner into your sales training program it will help you QUICKLY train new hires on their daily and weekly expectations, on how their sales objectives work and how to track their own performance numbers to help them sell more.

Let our Daily Sales Tracking Planner help your sales reps create positive sales habits
with a strong, confident understanding of the company's expectations

Sales Reps

Q. What is it?

A. It is a Daily and Weekly Tracking Planners that has been designed to fit your needs as a Professional Salesperson better than a generic Appointment Book.

Q. How?

A. We developed and integrating important features for salespeople to calculate daily activities and to know your numbers.

 1. Daily Follow-Up Sections!

 2. Weekly Referrals Section!

 3. Weekly Sales and Commissions Section!

 4. Weekly Objective Tracking Section!

 5. Weekly Pipeline Report Built Right In! 

 6. Daily Activity Tracking Section which helps you collect the numbers you need for
the most important part of Daily Sales Tracking Planner:

7. Weekly performance & activity report with all the mathematical formulas
done for you.

Super Easy and User Friendly - all you do is plug in the numbers that you have
collected throughout the week and within minutes you will know:

*Your Cold Call and Appointment Closing Ratios

*Exactly how many Cold Calls you must make per Week and

*Exactly how many Appointments you must hold per Week and

*Exactly how many Sales you must close per Week

The focus of training is on SELLING and not objectives and performance tracking,
however it is objectives and performance tracking that sales reps are held
accountable for.

Daily Sales Tracking Planner is designed to help you simply and easily track all your

 With our planner you will become very organized and avoid the frustration of being
caught off guard when it comes to performance numbers to your objective.